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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Aicha Naciry

Naciry Aicha – Montreal
Naciry Aicha travaille comme conseillère en sécurité financière avec l’industrielle alliance. Elle peux offrir des conseils au clients pour améliorer leur sécurité financière avec des analyses qui répondent mieux a leur besoins financiers.



Stephanie Nelson - PRStephanie Nelson – Prescott Russell

Stéphanie Nelson is life coach and energy healer. Her integrative sessions and group workshops reveal to you the restrictions you have unknowingly placed on yourself. You experience a process to transform your life, where you learn to heal yourself. The only goal of an Engaging Wellness experience is to awaken you to a deeper connection to yourself; body, mind and spirit. Inspiring you to explore new possibilities and choices, helping you to create new opportunities in your life. If you would like to learn more please visit  http://www.engaging-wellness.com


Instagram      https://www.instagram.com/engagingwellness/

Linkedin         https://www.linkedin.com/in/stéphanie-nelson-468b6593

Melissa Norman


Melissa Norman – Ottawa
Melissa Norman is a mother of two wonderful boys who are nine and four.  Despite keeping her very busy, her two boys inspired her to choose a career with Epicure as she explored better alternatives for her family’s own eating habits. Melissa loves being able to help change people’s plates and help people achieve their dreams.

Oona Liz NunezOona Liz Nunez – Ottawa
Oona Liz Nunez is an author, blogger and Arbonne Consultant.  Oona graduated from college with a degree in Natural Sciences and has a Bachelor’s degree in Translation from Concordia University. In 2006 she became a Therapeutic Touch practitioner. She also volunteered and worked as an intervener for a Sexual Assault Centre in her home town.

She believes that no matter what curves life sends your way, attitude and dedication can get you through it and make you stronger. Nothing is impossible, a positive attitude is the best medicine you can consume and share with others.