Founder / President 



For the past 30 years, Carol’s passion in finance and accounting has made her a suitable business coach. Through her own development as an entrepreneur and with a vast amount of business experience, Carol has established herself as reputable business leader.

Carol understands the difficulties, as well as the pleasures, of running a business and is eager to share her experiences with other women. She believes in commerce, philanthropy and helping other women find their own path to success. By providing women with the right tools and information, Carol is certain they will find success through informed decisions about their future endeavours.

As of July 2012, Carol founded  “WOW – World of Women” in the greater Montreal area and has since then expanded across Canada in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Rive-Sud and Gatineau. The expansion of her network is a testament to its effectiveness! Women across Canada are connecting in their communities and working towards a better and stronger future both for themselves and their fellow ambassadors/members.

WOW – World of Women encourages new business owners or those thinking of starting a business to reach out to the WOW community to connect with other likeminded women. By working together,  we can make a tremendous difference in the success of any business.

“Through the years and after working with several organizations, I have been able to motivate, inspire, network, and mentor some amazing women entrepreneurs. I have been blessed to work with such amazing women and even more fortunate to now call these women friends. As much as I hope to inspire these women, they have likewise inspired me.”
–  Carol-Chantal Séguin