Since July 2012, WOW – World of Women has been expanding throughout Canada as a leading social network for Women Entrepreneurs.

WOW – World of Women was first founded in Montreal, Canada by Carol-Chantal Sequin. The group, true to its roots, began as a platform for women entrepreneurs to connect with other local women in their city. WOW’s unique platform provided women with an opportunity to network, socialize and build their businesses. Together, the WOW women supported one another in times of success and defeat.

WOW continues to provide women with the tools necessary
for success both in life and in business.

Since 2001, more than 20% of new businesses have been started by women representing well over 715,000 businesses across Canada and generating more than 72 billion dollars in revenues. In fact, among start-up entrepreneurs, women are statistically the most successful!

At WOW, we recognize the importance of joining together in supporting each other toward common goals, growing our businesses, improving our sustainability and building the economic capacity of our community.

Our goal is the combine commerce and philanthropy and help as many women in our communities. The way the group expands its social network is effective and simple. When you join our group of women and become a WOW member, we promote your business, services and products. At our events, you receive a platform to communicate and discuss with other women in your community.

We also like to recognize our own!

Every month, WOW selects an Ambassador of the Month who made an impact in our group by inspiring, motivating or by helping other women. At the end of the year, our twelve Ambassadors of the Month will be featured at our Annual gala, where one woman will be voted Woman of the Year! Among other great perks, WOW will also put on a special fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Woman of the Year’s charity of choice! Recognizing our accomplishments both collectively and individually is something we at WOW believe is truly empowering and contagious!

We are always looking for new Ambassadors and Members to join our group. If you don’t see WOW operating in a city near you, contact us today to start your very own Chapter!

Join us today and participate in our growth!

WOW – World of Women’s Mission:

To provide a useful and comfortable social network and referral base to all WOW Ambassadors. To share information and ideas to strengthen and/or develop membership business activities. To provide an environment which cultivates and encourages friendships and enriches the personal and professional lives of our WOW Ambassadors.  We will create this environment through support, mentorship and companionship opportunities. To contribute to the communities we live in through charitable donations and fundraising initiatives. To support and encourage women in all aspects of their careers.

This is the WOW promise!