Testimonials from the RECENT Mastermind Virtual Networking Group Session 2020

**Thank you Carol-Chantal for the opportunity to participate in the zoom mastermind networking group. It was very educational! Plus, it was truly lovely to spend time and discuss business issues with such wonderful businesswomen. (Nadia Bonello – WOW Ambassador – Ottawa)

**Thank you for the invite! It was indeed a great mastermind meeting!!!👍👌    (Nikky Adewunmi-Scott – New Member of WOW Ottawa Facebook Group)

** Thanks Carol. It was a wonderful night. Truly priceless spending time with like minded ladies. (Jennifer Malisauskas – WOW Ambassador – Team & Webmaster for WOW Women Talks) 

Testimonials from our WOW Ambassadors

Talk about WOW! My sister and I are thrilled to be part of this amazing group of women who enjoy collaborating and sharing.

Not only are we thrilled with all the open arms and well wishes with the launch of our JOY OF ENERGY Cards, we hired two other amazing WOW – Women businesses to help us get our product to market.

AND, that’s not all, WOW Women are using and promoting our 3 Deck Collection with their clients – it’s a 360 degree journey – LOVE THAT!! We are truly grateful.

WOW-mazing!! – Donna Henhoeffer

WOW is not just a business networking group. It is a diverse collection of women, largely entrepreneurs, who share, network, laugh and cry together, learn, support and grow together. It is a group of cherished friends. I have definitely experienced personal growth as I learn that it’s not just me, but many of us are faced with the same challenges in life and in business. – Tracy Wilson

I joined WOW not really knowing what to expect from the group. I am in other networking groups, and they all work slightly different. I have been pleasantly surprised with how positive everyone is in this group!. My hope is that the group continues to be a positive platform for all of its members, allowing them to build and realize their dreams! – Debra Fett

I joined WOW for me; I needed to get out of my comfort zone and joining this wonderful group of women made it easy for me to just be myself and meet some wonderful amazing women. – Cindy Toll

I joined WOW to be mentored by professional women. My business is almost a year old and I just dove in and still figuring things out as I go. Any guidance or tips I receive along the way is a blessing! – Amélie Périard Chartrand

I joined WOW because I was looking to connect with more positive, supportive and caring women who have the same mind-set and drive to be more than they are. To be more than they know they can be and to assist and mentor others along the way. WOW is more than a networking group. It is a group of women who are building friendships, along with their businesses. We are being mentored, encouraged and growing together. – Barbara Berry