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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Christine CalpitoChristine Calpito – Montreal
Christine Calpito runs an international makeup company. She loves to educate people on how to use and wear makeup to suit their face and style. She can teach you the “how to’s” or she can do it for you! You decide!

She’s also a makeup professional and enjoys enhancing a woman’s natural beauty by offering makeup applications for various events (photoshoot, weddings, seasonal / religious events and much more). She promotes a healthy, mineral based cosmetic line called Younique. They are high end quality products at an affordable price and better yet you can learn to shop great discounts when you share them with your friends.

In 2014 she achieved top ranking sales rep with her company Younique. Became the first in Quebec to hit the top paying rank and also earned 2 company trips and many more incentives and bonuses. She is building, coaching and empowering her team of over 3000 reps to achieve their goals in their own home-based business.

With a blend of social media, old school home parties and makeup consults she is able to balance both family and work. Her family is her top priority and this business allows her to have a very flexible work schedule while having fun and making a great income.

Blog: http://www.moodstruckfiberlash.com | Pesicope: @lasheslady1


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Genevieve CarleGeneviève Carle – Rive Sud
Cumulant plus de 25 années d’expérience en consultation stratégique, organisationnelle et opérationnelle auprès de gestionnaires, de hauts dirigeants et d’équipes multi-sites et multidisciplinaires, Geneviève MBA PMP a aussi des connaissances approfondies en gestion de projet, en amélioration des processus et en gestion du changement.

Elle est reconnue pour sa facilité à trouver des solutions originales à des problèmes complexes, incluant l’automatisation, la documentation et la simplification des processus.

Son énergie, sa passion pour les nouveaux défis et sa compétence marquée pour simplifier les processus, coacher avec doigté et mettre en place rapidement et efficacement les changements requis font d’elle une alliée prisée.

Notre mission :  Votre succès
Helping you succeed!



AliceAlice Caron – Ottawa
Alice’s goal is to grow her team and empower women to become their best, and she loves to spoil her hostesses with free jewelry! Alice’s first love is jewelry and fashion, she will help you find the right Silpada pieces, to look and feel your best! Alice is also the owner of Château d’eau Plus inc., that specializes in water treatment, pumping systems and wells. As a Water Certified Specialist she is dedicated to helping you make the right decision. If you live in the countryside, she has solutions to solve all kinds of water problems! If you live in the city and want better tasting water there are different solutions available!


https://www.mysilpada.ca/alice.caron |  https://www.chateaudeau.ca

Charlyne Carrier

Charlyne Carrier – Montreal
Charlyne Carrier is a specialist in dealing with body pain. You probably guessed it, she is a Massage Therapist! Charlyne works with clients to decrease the pain and enjoy their favorite activities again. She also specializes in helping women who suffer with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. Charlyne was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006; so it just made perfect sense to her to develop a specific approach in her practice. She uses different techniques depending on the client and what the objective of the session.

facebook  twitter     instagram http://www.massocharlynec.com


Maranda Carvell – Ottawa
As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maranda understands the crucial role food plays in your individual health, the health of your family and the health of the planet. She can help you incorporate whole, live food into your diet in a way that is simple and attainable in today’s busy world. Maranda will provide you with the knowledge you need to empower yourself to achieve your optimum health.

All programs are individualized for you; Maranda will work with you to create your own path to wellness and help you reach your health goals.

facebook   http://www.propelwellness.ca

Ronide CasséusRonide Casséus  – Montreal
Diplômée en confections sur mesures et retouches en 2002, Ronide Casséus lance 3 ans plus tard, sa première collection de robes de soirées pour une clientèle jeune désirant porter des modèles uniques à un prix abordable sous la griffe ”JAYDE”.

Son expérience acquise en tant que designer, conceptrice de défilés de mode et mannequin à l’institut top modèles de Montréal, lui ont permises de développer d’excellentes aptitudes en organisation d’événements auprès  des particuliers. Reconnue dans son milieu pour sa grande capacité  de mobilisation et son dynamisme , Ronide Casséus  a aussi œuvré durant 15 ans en tant qu’intervenante communautaire et familiale auprès  des jeunes immigrants.

Sollicitée constamment pour organiser les gens et leurs événements, et détenant plus de 10 ans dans le domaine, ce n’ est que depuis 2 ans qu’ elle décide de se consacrer a l’événementiel en  lançant RC événementiel qui regroupe les services touchant à  3 grandes axes: La mode, l’organisation et l’animation d’évènements.



DayanariDayani Castro – Ottawa
Dayani, owner of D. Castro Bookkeeping Services, brings 15+ years of high level experience in the accounting industry and tax preparation services. With a B.D in Accounting and Finances, this seasoned professional possesses a keen attention to detail to ensure accuracy and reliability of client financial records.

Ms. Castro has successfully implemented customized bookkeeping and tax preparation processes for a variety of sole proprietorships, corporations and non-profit organizations. By honing her extensive skill set within variety of financial environments, she is able to help businesses reduce the tax paid and improve financial reporting and decision making. Through the introduction of key accounting processes clients have reduced frustration and increased budgetary savings.





Cristina Cavalieri D’Oro – Montreal

Passionate about health and wellness, Cristina is an author and Lifestyle Coach who helps women unite with their bodies, reclaiming their health, confidence and energy to have the lifestyle they so desire.  To finally release the layers that are holding them down and BE the star of their life.

As a mother of two girls, Cristina leads her household through mindful parenting, lots of play, healthy nutrition, and loves to find creative ways to incorporate greens into meals and desserts.  She loves to travel, and have a good book in her hands.


Stéphanie Caza

Stéphanie Caza – Rive Sud
Stéphanie Caza is a makeup artist, a mother to two teenagers and a proud wife for 14 years. Last year, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming a makeup artist and graduated from the Annie Young Makeup School. She then built a studio in her home but also began work as freelance artist.  Stephanie believes makeup is an expression of yourself. She doesn’t want to hide your face, she wants to showcase your features. Makeup is like an accessory to any look, much like a jewel or a scarf!  Stéphanie loves her profession and loves to share her knowledge and experience with others!


Lucie Chabot - MTLLucie Chabot –  Montreal

Lucie Chabot est une infirmière retraitée depuis quelques années déjà. Son travail était pour elle une vraie passion car elle a toujours privilégié le contact avec les gens. Et pour cause, la relation de confiance entre elle et le patient était primordiale. Son grand intérêt pour la personne humaine l’a fait se rediriger vers la Chirologie védique, après en avoir fait elle-même l’expérience. Et ça lui a tellement plu qu’elle a décidé d’en faire bénéficier les gens. Alors, ayant aidé durant de nombreuses années à la santé et au soulagement de la douleur, elle peut maintenant contribuer à leur bien-être et à leur bonheur !


deborah-charbonneauDeborah Charbonneau – Prescott Russel
When Debbie graduated as a relaxation therapist, she already had plans to open a relaxation spa offering relaxation therapy and stress management. But when faced with unexpected delays to her plans, she had time to look over her options. During this time, she started to think “outside the box”, now wanting to start a unique venture and decided to open a day spa for girls instead named “Spa Bambina”.

Spa Bambina offers mini spa services and spa parties for any occasion. We aim to help little girls feel beautiful inside and out. Our services are for pampering and for fun.




nicoleNicole Charlebois – Ottawa
Nicole Charlebois is your head to toe independent sales representative. She sells two products, for your head, and for your feet. Those two companies are called Monat Global and Linda Moore Boots. Monat Global is an anti-aging hair care line to help regrow and restore the vibrancy and fullness of your hair. On the other end, Linda Moore Boots is a unique, two system footwear line consisting of boot bottoms with interchangeable and reversible boot tops in a variety of styles. Aside from those two businesses, she is a full time pharmacy technician, as well as a loving wife, and mother of three.

http://www.nicky.mymonat.com | http://www.nicolecharlebois.llyndamoreboots.com



SONY DSCPatty Chevalier Samm – Ottawa
Patty is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealing Instructor and Reiki Master. While looking at physical issues, beliefs and thoughts that are not supporting you, and blocks in the flow of life-force energy, Patty works intuitively with you to create change for your body, mind and soul. Release fears, emotions and past traumas; childhood and genetic beliefs; and everyday stress to achieve optimal health and well-being in all areas of your life. Individual sessions and workshops available. You can create the life you have always wanted!



Darleen Chicoine - MTL

Darleen Chicoine – Montreal

Darleen is passionate about baking and cooking. She is also a Mom to three awesome children, and to two fur babies. While having a home based cake decorating business Les Delices Chic, she discovered the need for all natural dog biscuits, Pupcakes and Birthday cakes for our fur babies.  She is the proud owner operator of Gateries Wouf Bouf.

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Me for ADLouise Clatney – Ottawa
An ex-professional dancer and teacher for over 25 years, Louise works with every age from babies to seniors. Whether it Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre or Zumba, Louise does it. She loves inspiring everyone to feel passionate about dance and believes that it has helped her navigate through this sometimes difficult life! A single Mum, with 2 teenage boys (1 with Asperger’s) she is looking forward to connecting with you all.


Corina Clouthier - OTT

Corina Clouthier – Ottawa

Corina is an Esthetician, Make Up Artist and Reiki Master. She is the proud Owner/Operator of Corina’s Beauty to You. It started as a mobile beauty service in 2006 and has evolved now to include mobile/distance Reiki treatments and soon will be adding intuitive card reading. Corina’s passion is about helping people find their inner spark/beauty. She has many individual clients but also provides services for corporate events and spa parties. “I am passionate about helping individuals be their best selves and showing them the ‘sparkle’ in see in them”.



Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor – Ottawa
Samantha’s love of drawing started in the comfort of her own room, as a personal hobby, where she spent much of her time remaking Disney characters or drawing unique characters from her own imagination. As she grew older, she was determined to foster this skill, and would spend summers mastering new techniques. Now, she proudly works for the House of Commons as a full time graphic designer and runs her own freelance business on the side. She fulfilled her dream this year to illustrated a children’s book called Little Voice. She is thrilled to be apart of this inspirational movement!


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Régine CoicouRégine Coicou – Montréal
Régine Coicou est auteur, conférencière et coach de vie avec une spécialisation en relations amoureuses. Sa passion, amener ses clients à découvrir comment arrêter leur souffrance émotionnelle afin d’avoir plus de facilité, de paix, de succès dans leur vie. Elle leur apprend à faire les bons choix et à devenir maître de leurs pensées et leurs émotions. En amour, en affaires, au niveau professionnel ou personnel, Régine enseigne que : « la souffrance n’est pas nécessaire… Le bonheur et le succès sont des choix… Les nôtres ». Le livre essentiel pour démystifier la dynamique amoureuse homme-femme


La souffrance n’est pas nécessaire. Le bonheur et le succès sont des choix… Les nôtres!



Linda Comeau Linda Comeau – Ottawa
Linda is a passionate lover of LIFE! Not just her life but YOUR life also! As a consultant and certified coach with many years of executive coaching experience Linda meets with business owners and individuals to provide guidance in eliminating issues and increasing vitality. Systemic Knowledge is beyond typical linear and pragmatic coaching or goal setting (there is a place for these). SK is a unique process that is holistic and comprehensive, helping you discover the real source of issues, which changes HOW to make desired changes. Systemic Knowledge is (1) a philosophy, (2) a body of knowledge and (3) a variety of processes and exercises. All 3 work together to illuminate issues, resolve complexity, find new options and build lasting resources for the desired changes. SK offers workshops, individual sessions and discovery calls.



Sandra ConleySandra Conley – Ottawa
A native of Montreal, PQ & Burlington, ON., Sandra came to Ottawa 4 years ago as a result of a work transfer. Her long career consisted of being an Executive Assistant/Investor Relations Coordinator and Purchasing Agent working for CEO’s & CFO’s in both the private and public sectors. Currently a NaNa to one high energy little boy, with another one expected soon. Sandra sells Magnolia and Vine a jewellery and accessories company new to Canada. Sandra has many unique and fashionable pieces to show you, and is very excited to showcase her pieces.


isabelle-corbeili-1Isabelle Corbeil –  Rive Nord
Représentante en épargne collective, Conseillère en sécurité financière 

Rencontrer Isabelle est votre meilleur atout pour la concrétisation de vos rêves et projets. Elle se base sur les biens actuels, les dettes dans le moment et travaille à améliorer votre bilan financier en augmentant l’actif et réduisant le passif.

De plus, elle établit avec vous un plan pour assurer votre réussite financière. Vous avez envie de voyager, de payer les études des enfants ou de savoir quel niveau de vie vous réserve la retraite? Isabelle est là pour vous aider et suivra toutes les étapes de réalisation de vos projets de vie, telle un coach en finances.




marjorie_webMarjorie Cromwell – Kingston
Marjorie Cromwell is a proud network marketer. She is passionate about helping others ‘own their life’. A provincial government employee for most of her career she retired from the public service after 30 years. Marjorie has been in the direct sales and network marketing industry for 18 years and loves the freedom and flexibility. She loves the networking industry, coming from the government sector she realizes the importance of working for yourself, being your own boss and owning your life. Today she is partnered with a $Billion company with award winning proprietary Youth Enhancement products helping people Look Young, Feel Young and Live Young. She enjoys sharing the benefits of the Youth Enhancement System and sharing the opportunity to ‘own your life’. She enjoys travelling and it is always better when it is earned and paid for by the company. Marjorie is proud to be a pioneer and leader in the Generation Young Movement powered by The Global Partners Group.


instagram.com/yesownlife <http://instagram.com/yesownlife>

Judi Curry

Judi Curry – Ottawa
Judi Curry is the owner of Judi’s Studio & Health Spa located in Kanata Lakes.  Judi is a certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss, detoxification and essential oils.  Helping you achieve your goals is her joy… naturally! Judi’s signature Spa Detox – Shake, Bake & Detox is the perfect way to detox and relax your body & mind using T-Zone Whole Body Vibration, Infrared Dry Sauna and Ion Cleanse Whole Body Detox.   Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and products with coaching will help you achieve your ideal weight goal… eating real foods are included in your plan. Essential Oils will help you naturally take care of your body.   Judi holds classes and One-one-on Information sessions on improving your Medicine Cabinet, cleaning makeover and Essential Oils 101.

facebookhttp://mydoterra.com/judistudio | http://www.judistudio.com/