WOW Ambassador – Sue Pitchforth – Ottawa
Owner -Principal Designer property stylist for Decor Therapy Plus
Interior Design is not about big houses or expensive furniture . . .It’s not about running around looking for interior design ideas either. It’s about “Pulling A Room Together” The best part about that is . . .it can be done quickly, and on a very low budget.
You can See Great Change in Just 1 Hour- Sue Promises!
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Everyday Sue sees how shocked and delighted Her clients are with the results with such low budgets. You don’t need to wait. At Decor Therapy Plus they do everything differently! They are passionate about interior design transformaions on small budgets.
For Almost 20 Years, Sue has impressed hee clients with:
big results on a low budget
big results in just hours
and all in a home that feels like home!