Live Your Richest Life™ 09 April 2017 – Ottawa

WOW World of Women and Free 2Bu™  are proud to present a one-day “Live Your Richest Life™” Seminar to guide you through Self Discovery, Self Awareness and Self Expression which leads you to live you fullest life.

Have you ever felt stuck and feel like life is passing you by?
Do you love what you do but would like to grow your career further?
Do you want to Live Your Richest Life but not sure about your next move?

If any of these resonate with you, then you will be glad to know that our seminar is tailored for you.

The morning session is made up of 4 workshops:

Self Discovery – Empowerment- Julie Richer
Self Awareness – Law of Attraction- Carol-Chantal
Self Expression – AMP your life- Bryce Patry
Live Your Richest Life™ – Free 2Bu™- Ramzi Cheety

The afternoon session includes the following 4 guest speakers:

Confidence Booster- Julie Richer
Leadership – Bryce Patry
Live Your Richest life™ – Free 2Bu™- Ramzi Cheety
WOW Life – WOW-World-of-Women – Carol-Chantal

The Live Your Richest Life™ seminar brings together renowned speakers who will share their insights and strategies to help you on your Path towards your Richest Life.

Some of the benefits you will acquire during this inspiring day are:
• Access your power within through self-expression
• Assess your strengths and step up to your leadership role
• Inject passion to spark creativity and innovation
• Get Inspired and inspire others to achieve success
• Release unwanted baggage through your new relationship with your word

Order your tickets by visiting the links below. Tickets are going fast.

Networking Luncheon Included

Vendors + Prizes + Surprises

Regular tickets: http://tinyurl.com/zl4fzvc
VIP tickets: http://tinyurl.com/hq2oxtl

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Warriors of the Light is a training camp which strives to bring the essential components of mind-body-soul balance and health to every person. It is WOTL’s belief that every one has the inherent warrior-like aspects of strength and honor coursing deep within their veins, but that the majority of (us) have lost sight of our inner warriors due to the convenience and speed of our modern-day lifestyles.
For centuries the term “Warrior” has been used only to describe the fiercest of fighters – soldiers who put their lives on the line for safety or perseverance. However given the obvious changes of today and the lack of physical requirements needed for basic survival, what we deem to be a “Warrior” has started to shift in terms of who and what it applies to.
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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); is an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for small business to create connections, gain knowledge from featured speakers and promote regional economic collaboration among Chambers of Commerce and community/business leaders. Events are held every 3 months (January, April, July and October); originally to coincide with the Ontario Self-Employment Benefits Program.
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WOW – November Newsletter

WOW – World of Women is a unique social network for women entrepreneurs that encourages partnership and promotes community!

The WOW philosophy is simple: We are a group of women who help, support, encourage and uplift one another! We are a platform that unites women of all backgrounds, ages and businesses in order to promote a collaborative environment that aids in your success and builds upon your network. 

We believe in the power of women helping women and are wow’d every day by the women in this group who embody this philosophy!


WOW is different; it’s a group that truly fosters friendships and lasting relationships. I joined WOW not knowing what to expect but have gained more than I could have ever imagined. It didn’t take long before I was WOW’d and was determined to be a part of this growing movement. I was overjoyed to join the WOW Board of Directors in August and to take on a larger role in supporting my fellow ambassadors. So many women in this group have supported me and now I hope to return my thanks tenfold!”
– Amanda Bernardo, WOW – Ottawa Ambassador & Director of Digital Strategy


“WOW is not just a business networking group, it is a diverse collection of women, largely entrepreneurs, who share, network, laugh and cry together, learn, support and grow together. It is a group of cherished friends. I have definitely experienced personal growth as I learn that it’s not just me, but many of us, who are faced with the same challenges in life and in business.” – Tracy Jenks Wilson, WOW – Ottawa Ambassador

We are a network that believes in continuously learning; from our partners, our members and each other! Together, we will continue to build a great foundation for success!

WOW – World of Women believes in a positive, collaborative and supportive environment. At WOW, we promote an all-inclusive dynamic in all that we do. We do not compete with each other but rather work to build each other up. We offer fair opportunities to each of our members and encourage our women to take part in all of the events and opportunities we offer them.

Your support and word-of-mouth advertising has helped us grow into the platform we’ve become today!

With the help of our board of directors in each of our growing chapters, WOW – World of Women has truly evolved into the network we are today! Recently, WOW – Ottawa successfully reached its first 100 members! Our growth continues in the province of Quebec with our success in Montreal and new expansions in both Rive Sud and Rive Nord. We can’t thank our board members enough for their continued efforts with bringing WOW – Un monde de femmes to our members in Quebec!

As we continue to grow, WOW will introduce new ways to engage our membership. As we expand our event platform, we will continue to make every effort to accommodate our members and not overlap with any other events!

New to WOW? Here’s a little glimpse at what our membership offers:

  • We support your events, products and businesses
  • We promote you and your business to an audience of over 1000+ women
  • We feature our members on our website and showcase their events at no extra cost
  • We create marketing materials, both digitally and in print
  • We foster third party sponsorships to offer special member pricing
  • We organize and coordinate a number of events each and every month
  • We offer a free hour of business coaching for every ambassador
  • We set the stage with unique showcases
  • We sponsor an ambassador of the month
  • and much, much more!


WOW is always here to listen; we are always open to your ideas, feedback and suggestions! As a collaborative network, we welcome collaboration in all that we do and encourage you to work with us to create a platform that will serve you best!

As always, WOW for now! 

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WOW, no pun intended!

After months of discussion and weeks of anticipated planning, we are thrilled to share our new and improved WOW website with our ambassadors, members and communities!

In 24 hours, Amanda surprised us all and released the new WOW website!

We said the same thing,


In August of 2015, after following much of her work, WOW invited Amanda Bernardo to join the Board of Directors as Director of Branding and Public Relations! From the first day we met Amanda, we knew she would be the perfect person to not only assist us in our re-branding efforts but also the perfect person to assist our members with improving their own brand, communications and public outreach efforts.


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