carolCarol-Chantal Séguin
Carol is the founder of WOW – World of Women. She also works in accounting and finance and is a business and personal life coach. Carol understands the difficulties, as well as the pleasures, of running a business and is eager to share her experiences with other women.

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11887983_10153708572462868_3714943641288280219_nJulie Poirier
Julie is the Chief Administrative Officer of WOW – World of Women and is responsible for leading the development and execution of WOW’s long-term strategies with a view of creating ambassador and member value. She is also responsible for day-to-day management decisions and acts a direct liaison between the Board and the WOW membership.



WOW - Ottawa
11887983_10153708572462868_3714943641288280219_nJulie Poirier
Julie is the Vice President of WOW – Ottawa. In bringing WOW to the nation’s capital, Julie has built a network from the ground up that is the fastest growing WOW Chapter. By being actively involved in her community, Julie’s ability to support and mentor the women in her chapter has enabled them to feel confident and become successful.