At WOW – World of Women, we believe in the importance of recognizing the women in our network and communities who go above and beyond in embodying our philosophy of women helping women. The Ambassador of the Month is someone who has supported the women in our network through leadership, acts of kindness, mentorship and/or by giving back to our communities. In recognizing these women, we are able to shine the spotlight on our members who are strong and positive role models to us all!

We are very excited to introduce you to WOW’s February Ambassador of the month:

Janet Seto

Janet Seto-Slater

“Janet is a true supporter of the idea of women helping women. She is always eager to support the women of this network by offering her wonderful restaurant and hall. It is rare to hear Janet say “no” as she is always offering her time and self wherever she can. She is always one of the first women who is willing and able to offer her time and resources. She is extremely collaborative, which is a true asset to our team of women! 

Janet joined WOW in July 2015, and from day one, she made it clear that she was dedicated to the women of this network. At the WOW Pop-Up, Janet was the first to offer a corporate gift, she was at all the committees meetings, she had a lot of excellent ideas, and was and continues to be full of positive energy. She is a valuable ambassador that helps the women in the group. Above being an ambassador, Janet has become a friend to many of us and we are grateful for her friendship.”
– Carol Chantal Seguin – Founder, WOW World of Women

Who is Janet Seto?

Janet is an independent consultant with L’dara International, a company whose mission is to create happiness around the world!  Janet has always been passionate about helping others; so, it was only natural that she join a company that strives on connecting and helping others!

Imagine smiling a proud secret smile as people tell you that you look 10 or even 15 years younger than you actually are! Or wearing little or no make-up because you have softer, smoother, more healthy, glowing, youthful, even-toned skin! Imagine having all this and more with an easy and quick one step system that will give you the freedom to spend more time doing what you love to do!

It starts with a breakthrough product that helps people look younger and feel more confident. It continues with an extraordinary financial opportunity wherein people can create the lifestyle of their dreams. And it’s all grounded in L’dara’s Core Values and an outstanding commitment to personal development and growth! Learn more about Janet and how she can help you by visiting: !

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