At WOW – World of Women, we believe in the importance of recognizing the women in our network and communities who go above and beyond in embodying our philosophy of women helping women. The Ambassador of the Month is someone who has supported the women in our network through leadership, acts of kindness, mentorship and/or by giving back to our communities. In recognizing these women, we are able to shine the spotlight on our members who are strong and positive role models to us all!

We are very excited to introduce you to WOW’s October Ambassador of the month:

Ima Ortega

“Ima has been the eye of our world. She has captured the essence of WOW – World of Women on numerous occasions with her creativity and passion for photography. We can’t thank her enough for showing the world what we mean when we say “women helping women”. We invite you to look at our photo gallery to see some of her amazing work. ”
– Carol-Chantal Seguin, WOW’s Founder

Ima was nominated as WOW Ottawa’s Ambassador of the Month for volunteering her time, creativity and passion for photography at each of our events by capturing the women in our network and the work that we do! Ima’s photographs remind us all why we come together; they give us the opportunity to look back at the connections we have made and the friendships we continue to build upon. Her photos capture the moments where we have laughed, celebrated and supported one another.

We cannot thank Ima enough for saving these precious moments that have helped shape our network and the women behind it!

We are so fortunate to have Ima as one of our Community Builders who through her talent, genuine heart and thoughtfulness has always found a way to make the right moments last.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words; so, today we thank Ima for all the words that need not be spoken but, which have contributed immensely to the WOW story, one photo at a time.

Today, we turn the lens on Ima and introduce you to this amazing photographer we are proud to have on our team!

Who is Ima Ortega?

At the age of 9, Ima received a Polaroid camera from her father and instantly fell in love. She was fascinated by the ability to capture life in an instance and from then on, the camera became part of her life. Ima has always loved photographing people in their environment, seeing their mannerism, expressions, their true selves… whatever shines through. Now, she uses these skills to photograph business people worked towards their passion in order to help them show it to the world. She looks forward to photographing the WOW community by creating images that reflect the inspiration and energy of its members.

To learn more about Ima, visit!facebook


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