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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Diane ValiquetteDiane Valiquette – Ottawa
Diane Valiquette is the Founder of The Separation & Divorce Resource Centre.  The Centre has been offering relationship advice and mediation for over a decade. Her Centre is the first in Canada to offer interdisciplinary family based services to individuals going through the separation and divorce process. Her no-nonsense approach has made her a sought after expert in the field of rebuilding relationships and separation and divorce. After studying with the world-renowned Dr. Bruce Fisher, she pioneered her own workshop series, where her revelations have served a guide for hundreds of men and women who have attended her ground breaking workshop series.

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Karen van DornKaren van Doorn – Ottawa
Karen van Doorn, President of Reading Right,  has been in the field of education for the past 28 years. Keeping up with the most recent research and teaching advancements has always been very important. Currently  certified in the Tomatis method, DIR Floortime, Cellfield and Interactive Metronome.

“I’m passionate about helping struggling students become star students”. In 12 weeks, your child’s future can change.  By helping your child become a successful reader,  you’ll see a snowball effect in their self esteem, confidence and outlook on school.  Imagine having less stress during homework time, having a happier child and having NO MORE tutors”.



ana-lucia-lanatta-villaranAna Lucia Lanatta Villaran – Montreal
Ana est une hypnothérapeute clinique et Coach Maître en Programmation Neuro-Linguistique. Elle travaille avec toutes sortes de défis, que cela soit d’ordre personnel, de santé, en relation d’aide, ou au travail, et jusqu’à ce soit complètement résolu. Elle croit en chacun(e), en leur potentiel caché qu’elle aide à faire ressortir et valoriser, et à améliorer leur confiance. Elle est passionnée à aider les gens, par le résultats phénoménaux qu’on obtient, et par les processus incroyables par lesquels on passe.



IMG_1444Marie-Jude Villard – Montreal
Marie-Jude a toujours eu comme passion d’aider les autres. C’est ainsi qu’elle s’est joint à l’entreprise Arbonne International en tant que conseillère indépendante. Par son implication avec cette compagnie elle cheche à faire une différence dans la vie de milliers de gens en leur partageant des produits purs, sûrs et bénéfiques. Sa devise : ” We are truly better together! ”



Samantha VilleneuveSamantha Villeneuve – Rive Nord
Mtre. Samantha Villeneuve, notary has obtained her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and her diploma in notarial studies (D.D.N.) from the University of Montréal. Since her registration to the roll of the Chambre des notaires in April 2014, she has the mission to help you navigate the legalese in your life. Dedicated to offering a service tailored to your needs, she will accompany you in all your projects, like the start-up of your business, the purchase of a property or even in the planning of your estate. Though she practices in Sainte-Thérèse, she offers to travel at your convenience.

Me Samantha Villeneuve, notaire, a obtenu sa licence en droit (LL.B) et son diplôme en droit notarial (D.D.N.) de l’Université de Montréal. Depuis son inscription au tableau de l’ordre de la Chambre des notaires en avril 2014, elle a pour mission de vous aider à naviguer le jargon juridique qui parsème votre vie. Dédiée à vous offrir un service taillé à vos besoins, elle vous accompagnera dans tous vos projets, tel que le démarrage de votre entreprise, l’achat d’un immeuble et même dans votre planification successorale. Bien qu’elle pratique à Sainte-Thérèse, elle offre de se déplacer selon votre convenance

Lisa Virtue_0465_cropped

Lisa Virtue – Ottawa
Lisa Virtue is an energy healer, medium, channel and teacher. Lisa’s exponential journey took off in 2007, leading her to discover and develop her multitude of spiritual abilities. Lisa’s passion is to bring people into knowing the power of their own light. Through energy healing she heals the root sources of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-harmonies, which brings you greater ease and joy in life and helps you to live more fully as your amazing true self. As a medium and channel Lisa serves as a voice for those on the other side, to answer questions, and bring greater understanding and a sense of peace. As a teacher, Lisa guides you into discovering your own innate abilities. She offers tools and methods to assist you in your journey – from calming meditations to having your own conversation with Spirit. Lisa is also WOW Ottawa’s very first Ambassador.

facebook http://www.lisavirtue.com