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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Lauging_Yoga144Sophie J.Terrasse, M.A., AATQ, IKYTA, CLYT – Ottawa
Sophie is Director and Founder of Laughter Capital & Sunflower Institute Ottawa & Founder of the Ottawa Sunflower Laughter Club. Sophie first graduated from Université Claude Bernard, in Lyon, France, as a Speech Language Pathologist. She also holds a Master Degree in Art Therapy from UQAT (Université du Québec in Abitibi Témiscamingue) and is certified as a Kundalini Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher. Sophie offers weekly Kundalini yoga classes, creativity workshops, gong relaxation, teaching seminars, group workshops and retreats in Canada and around the world where she has also been a guest speaker in various.

http://www.laughtercapital.com  |  http://www.Instituttournesol.com

Rachel Theriault - PR

Rachel Theriault – Prescott Russsell

Rachel comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  This influence has given her the backbone to follow her dreams and realize her potential.   An upbringing overflowing with construction and real estate paved the way for Rachel to fall in love with the marketing and sales of homes, businesses and projects. Through this she found her way behind a camera, and with the camera becoming a part of her everyday life, she learned quickly how to tell a story from behind the lense.  Rachel pursued her calling and continually enhances her skills to offer the most comprehensive services to her clients.



twitter      instagram         Website: http://www.fotografi-canada.com


Karine Thibault – Rive Sud
Je me nomme Karine Thibault, je suis coach en motivation et entraîneur Piyo et Cize live. Depuis, bientôt 2 ans, j’ai enfin trouvé ma passion, celle qui me nourrit, qui me comble de bonheur, qui m’inspire et qui me motive au quotidien. Le coeur de mon travail est d’organiser des défis santé qui sont basés sur le “Beachbody challenge” qui encourage l’alimentation saine et l’activité physique au quotidien et tout ça dans le confort de votre maison. Je crée des groupes entre 5 et 15 personnes motivées à faire de leur santé une priorité durant 90 jours! Notre plate-forme de communication est Facebook car ça nous permet de créer une petite communauté d’entraide, de partage et de communication.

Cindy Toll

Cindy Toll – Ottawa
Cindy Toll, originally a Montréal native, grew up in Quebec City and then moved to Gatineau when she was 11 years old. As a wife and mother, Cindy is often kept busy by her three boys and by her day job with the federal government. She is also a competitive 5-pin bowler, where she recently went to Nationals for the Master’s Association of Canada competition in Hamilton. In her spare time, Cindy also enjoys playing volleyball and slo-pitch.

As if Cindy wasn’t busy enough, she is also an artist with South Hill Designs. Her goal with this business venture is to meet new friends and help these women create their very own story with one of the many South Hill Design lockets. She is also consultant with Partylite Gifts.


Crystal Toll

Crystal Toll – Ottawa
Crystal Toll was the HR Director for the Appletree Medical Group for 12 years, during which it grew to become the largest medical group in Canada. With over 300 staff she saw first hand the unexpected impact of several critical illness, and disability cases.  In almost all cases, none of the staff or their family members had adequate, or comprehensive coverage in place.  Worse, many, being young adults, had not anticipated unexpected illness or accidents and had no coverage at all.  This was usually the result of not understanding how insurance works, and when and what to include in a policy.  Realizing that this was a very common and life-altering problem for many people led Crystal to want to help people protect themselves and their loved ones.  To do so she became first an insurance agent and educator and now an independent life/health/wealth insurance broker. Her HR designation and experience coupled with her insurance training and knowledge are a refreshing blend of the practical and the analytical.


Rita Tourigny

Rita Tourigny – Montreal
Rita Tourigny est coach et enseignante certifiée qui a suivi plusieurs formations à Harvard en «Coaching leadership et pleine conscience» au cours des dernières années. Elle a aussi créé un cursus qui a formé au-delà d’une centaine de coachs professionnels avec l’approche PNL. Grande passionnée du coaching et de la communication, Rita a développé un concept de communication unique qu’elle a intégré dans sa pratique privée de coaching afin d’accompagner les gens à atteindre leur plein potentiel dans toutes les sphères de leur vie.

Rita prend toujours le soin de développer la confiance en soi, l’acheminement et la réussite de ses clients, à mieux accéder à leur savoir-être dans le plaisir et l’épanouissement de chaque individu.

11219505_639014849533887_7516469196573083307_oLaura Turcotte – Ottawa
As a consultant with Investors Group Laura provides quality advice and service in a timely, professional and caring manner. She offer plans that include comprehensive strategies designed to help individuals achieve specific goals and prepare for unexpected life challenges or events to help make your dreams for life and retirement come true. She can help you identify and implement the most effective tax-smart strategies for your situation. 

At Investors Group we take the science of strategic investment planning to a whole new level of sophistication while putting our expertise and experience to work for you.