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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Eileen MacDonell - OTTEileen MacDonell –  Ottawa

Eczema, headaches, stress, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, acne, digestive issues, cuts, burns… Health Canada (and millions of other people) know that these are just some of the things Young Living Essential Oils can relieve.

You’re probably asking “will these oils really work for me?”If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried natural remedies with varying degrees of success. These oils have been a consistent source of what I turn to when my family needs relief. It has transformed the way I do everything, especially the way I mom, and has given me the career of my dreams.

Our team teaches essential oil workshops and offers one-on-one information sessions to introduce you to these tiny bottles of amazing. You’ll learn why it’s crucial to know where the plants come from that produce your oil, how to use the oils and why, and join a community of thousands there to answer all of your questions.

Reach out and we’ll make sure you get started on your oily journey right.


Nathalie Mailhot

Nathalie Mailhot – Montreal
Imagine speaking with confidence, communicating clearly, saying what you really mean and presenting it well! Nathalie is a Public Speaking and Presentation skills Facilitator. She helps kids, teens and professionals (just like you!) master their authentic voice. She helps you communicate with ease and lighten the process with humor and fun.




Kelly Mansfield – Ottawa
Kelly is a Director with South Hill Designs. With over 15 years of direct sales experience Kelly decided to join South Hill Designs in August 2014. Aside from immediately falling in love with the beautiful, personalized jewelry she quickly realized South Hill Designs could facilitate her goal to create a life she didn’t need a vacation from. With South Hill Designs you can create personalized jewelry that enables you to share your story and express your unique style! Just as importantly, it’s an international community of female entrepreneurs, providing a lifestyle business designed to be fun, inclusive, creative and profitable.

facebookSouth Hill Designs

NancyInstitutNancy Marcoux – Rive Sud
Nancy Marcoux, intervenante psychosociale cumule près de 25 ans d’expérience en relation d’aide.  Elle accompagne les professionnels, sportifs, artistes et entrepreneurs aux prises avec des résistances ou désirant une pleine réalisation de leur potentiel.  Elle possède une formation universitaire en éducation spécialisée, en enseignement en plus d’un DESS en administration scolaire et poursuit présentement ses études à la maîtrise en travail social.

À l’affût des idées porteuses pour le bien-être des personnes, elle a acquis une formation d’enseignante en méditation pleine conscience auprès du Dr Roger Marcaurelle, psychologue, ainsi qu’une formation de praticienne au «Core Belief Engineering».



Alicia MarshallAlicia Marshall – Ottawa
Alicia Marshall is an Artist, Theologian, Published Author, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Hot Stone Massage Therapist. She is all for the Light and living in gratitude. Her passion is for helping people to slow down and to live more soulfully. Her holistic services include coaching, intuitive hot stone massage therapy, reiki, life purpose readings, commissioned soul portraits and hand painted soulful business logos. Alicia’s healing energy paintings invite uplifting energy to your home and office.


JoAnne Mbonigaba

JoAnne Mbonigaba – Ottawa
JoAnne aka bonijo originally from beautiful Barbados, lives In Gatineau with her husband and 3 boys. She is passionate about living a life of total wellness, freedom and abundance and is happy to link arms and help all those looking to do the same! She enjoys helping others bring their bodies and bank accounts back into balance and has a special heart for helping busy moms and professional women or immigrants and minorities like herself. She loves to meet people, travel, read and learn!





terri-lyn-mcevoy-prTerri-Lyn McEvoy – Prescott Russell

I am a new WOW Ambassador and can’t wait to meet others and learn from others in this group. 
I am a Scentsy consultant, I have been with the company for 6 years. I live in Kemptville and have 2 boys 11 and 18 
I am very eager to learn new marketing techniques and love connecting with others to learn how others bond and form lasting friendships with their customers.

Joyce MenyaszJoyce Menyasz – Ottawa
Joyce Menyasz is a native Californian who calls Ottawa home with husband Peter for more than fourteen years. In order to meet some great people, she brought Gold Canyon Candles to Ontario in 2006.  Now in her tenth year, she is the only Business Leader in Ontario and one of three senior leaders in Canada. “Gold Canyon allows me to work from home while pursuing my ultimate passion to become a recognized author of romantic comedies and suspense novels,” she says. Until that day, Joyce will continue to grow Gold Canyon and tell stories to anyone that will listen.






Céline Meunier

Céline Meunier – Rive Sud
Céline est avant tout une femme, une conjointe, une mère, une soeur, une amie qui a entrepris un changement de carrière juste avant ses 50 ans. Elle accompagne les gens à apprendre dans le plaisir pour améliorer leur vie, leur communication et leurs relations, par le biais de rencontres individuelles ou d’ateliers. Céline est une coach certifiée en PNL depuis mai 2015 et a travaillé pour 26 ans dans le domaine bancaire dont 10 ans comme gestionnaire. Elle a une expertise en service à la clientèle et elle se passionne pour l’être humain et son évolution.



Samantha MichaelSamantha Michael – Ottawa

Samantha Michael, is the author of The Beauty of My Shadow: A Story of Strength, The Butterflies Above My Bed and The Princess in Pink: A True Tale. She serves on the board of the non-profit An Aid to Help Foundation, which she founded to help raise money for charitable causes. She has also assisted the NAC since 1999 as a volunteer. She passionately became a Nerium Brand Partner after witnessing the remarkable affect the Optimera cream has had on her own skin which includes a noticeable scar on her cheek that she speaks about in her memoir.





Claudine Michaud - Quebec

Claudine Michaud – Quebec

Fondatrice de Départ Nature.  À travers l’essai de divers emplois salariés pendant 7 ans et suite à une mise à pied en bloque, j’ai réalisé que je n’aimais tout simplement pas ce mode de fonctionnement. Ce que j’ai trouvé de plus près de l’entreprenariat, sans me sentir complètement sans filet, est d’être travailleur autonome pour une entreprise dans la vente, 100% commission. Ce fut les trois plus belles années de ma vie! À travers les épreuves et les superbes découvertes de ma nouvelle vie, j’ai décidé de créer un blogue dans l’objectif de vivre de ma passion.        Voici: Départ Nature: la consommation simplifiée.  http://departnature.com

Ashley Mitchell - KINGAshley Mitchell – Kingston 

She started her career as an Early Childhood Educator graduating from Loyalist College in 2012. Working with children has always been a passion. In 2016 her journey into parenthood flipped a switch for her. A new and stronger passion for fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum was born. Ashley is the owner of MyDoula+ Birth and Wellness. She supports families as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator and starting in May 2017 a Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Fertility and Pregnancy.



Instagram @mydoulaashley

487328_10150916681863221_1270282050_nMarjorie Moffat – Ottawa
Marjorie has been an instructor all of her adult life. This journey through the field of education has taken her from jobs in primary to tertiary settings in Canada, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, and Qatar. Areas of instruction have included English as a Second Language, as well as swimming, aerobics, yoga and meditation.

A life-long interest in health and wellbeing has taken her through many fitness and nutrition disciplines, and finally to meditation, ayurveda and yoga.

Marjorie recently returned to Canada after living and working abroad for 20 years. As a Wellness Educator, she is keen to introduce the WOW Community to the benefits of meditation and ayurveda, and is also available for private yoga sessions.


Shelly Moreau - GAT

Shelly Moreau – Gatineau
Before becoming a professional copywriter, Shelly applied her organizational strengths in an administrative career, where she first developed her writing skills. Now a Professional Copywriter, Shelly helps clients create business strategies and share powerful, meaningful messages through written material, while developing useful information products for small-business and solo entrepreneurs.She is still mindful of the business mindset that guided her through nearly three decades as she manages business, establishes strategies to move forward, deals with client needs, and reaches her goals.She has also produced five publications (and three info-graphics) on copywriting principles, direct mail marketing, and business strategies.






http://shellymoreauwritingediting.com/    https://shellymoreau.com/

StacyFinalStacy Mullins-Campbell – Ottawa
Stacy has a professional background in Accounting, Office Administration, and Supply Management. Stacy has had a long-time love of the fragrant waxes and flameless/wickless decorative warmers produced by Scentsy. Her personal life mantra of “No Worries”, which centers her world when facing life’s complexities, is perfectly complemented by Scentsy and its products. Seeking to combine her professional experience and her passionate hobby, and share her mantra with others, Stacy became an Independent Scentsy Consultant in January 2014. Through home parties, vendor events, social media, peer-to-peer marketing, and personal branding Stacy and her growing team have successfully brought her “Sniffin’ Time” concept of No Worries Home Aroma & Decor Enhancement to the Ottawa and Ottawa Valley areas.

Stacy has also recently become an Independent Velata Consultant. Velata is a sister company of Scentsy, which offers a line of party-foods and accessories, including Belgian chocolate and cheese dips (with decorative warmers), spices and syrups, and so much more! “Dippin’ Time” is here!


Carolyn MurphyCarolyn Murphy – Rive Nord
Communicatrice, inspirante et motivante, Carolyn Murphy travaille avec les professionnels afin de les aider à améliorer leur communication orale anglaise, proposant des formations sur mesure pour des projets ponctuels et des défis uniques. Elle est la créatrice du concept d’Anglais en action! qui lui permet d’unir sa passion pour l’activité physique (elle est entraineuse certifiée), pour le coaching (elle est Maitre praticienne en programmation neurolinguistique) et pour l’anglais (elle détient un BAC en enseignement professionnel).

Cette conférencière, rédactrice et bloggeuse a signé plusieurs papiers sur la motivation et le mieux-être dans des magazines. Elle a également participé à un projet d’écriture collectif Porteuses d’humanité. Elle a été pendant plusieurs années chroniqueuse lecture et mieux-être à la TVBL.

Carolyn is an inspiring and motivating communicator who works with professionals to help them strengthen their oral communication skills in English. She offers personalized training for special projects or to help you reach specific business goals. She is the creator of Anglais en action! a concept allowing her to combine her passions for physical activity (she is a personal trainer), for coaching (she is a NLP Master Practitioner) and for teaching (she has a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Teaching).