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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Amber EarlAmber Earl Smith – Ottawa
Amber is an independent stylist with cabi, a company by women, for women, setting out to revolutionize the way women shop and work, one closet at a time!

Amber brings a beautiful and unique clothing line into a home setting; blending perfectly the convenience of the of shop from home experience, with the benefit of having your own personal shopper/stylist.

The cabi experience offers more than just fun and fashion, we believe that “true beauty is found when we live selflessly and give generously.” The Heart of cabi Foundation provides entrepreneurial opportunities for women in developing countries in collaboration with Opportunity International.

Learn more about Amber and view the spectacular line here: https://ambersmith.cabionline.ca

For the latest styling tips, trends, and outfit ideas, visit the cabi blog at ambersmith.cabionline.c



Lucie Edmond

Lucie Edmond – Rive Sud
Au Groupe Investors, nous savons qu’il est plus important que jamais de pouvoir compter sur d’excellents conseils financiers. Ma démarche de planification s’inscrit dans une perspective à long terme. Un plan financier détaillé, examiné et mis à jour régulièrement vous procurera les ressources financières dont vous avez besoin pour rester sur la bonne voie et réaliser vos objectifs. À mesure que vous avancez dans la vie, les conseils financiers vous seront essentiels. Je vous accompagnerai à chaque étape en vous faisant profiter des options et du savoir-faire dont vous avez besoin pour faire des choix financiers avisés.


Lisa Ewart – Kingston
Lisa is a full time RN at Kingston General Hospital in an ICU. I recently have delved into the world of direct sales and business – and have discovered a true passion. I am an independent consultant for Scentsy, as well as the only Kingston distributor for Mrs. B’s Bath & Body.

She is engaged to married in June 2017 and prides herself on her energy and ambition. “Business has proven to be an area I never knew I loved.”