At WOW – World of Women, we believe in the importance of recognizing the women in our network and communities who go above and beyond in embodying our philosophy of women helping women. The Ambassador of the Month is someone who has supported the women in our network through leadership, acts of kindness, mentorship and/or by giving back to our communities. In recognizing these women, we are able to shine the spotlight on our members who are strong and positive role models to us all!

We are very excited to introduce you to WOW’s April Ambassador of the month:  Christina Hearns


Christina was nominated as Ambassador of the Month for her dedication, enthusiasm & passion in delivering on her promise to host the best women social networking events in the Capital!

Christina Hearns is a spirited and gentle woman who played a valuable and integral role in the start-up of WOW Ottawa. From early 2015, Christina worked tirelessly to make connections with some of the best, and most interesting women around town. As she endorsed WOW, and all of the great things this group strives for, we watched this chapter grow, and grow, and grow.

As the Official WOW Event Coordinator, Christina helped WOW implement a great structure for us all that includes a monthly Mix & Mingle, Ambassador Showcase(s), WOW Workshops a Solutions Group and many other social and volunteering activities. At the same time, Christina was also working on her own business, Namaste My Friends and practicing Reiki and crystal healing energy work.

While Christina has decided to pass the reins of event planning over to Jennifer Bennett, she has started a new company with another WOW Ambassador – which goes to show the power of possibility and connections when you get out of your comfort zone and network with other amazing women.

“Without Christina’s help, WOW Ottawa wouldn’t be what it is today, and we would like to extend our gratitude for all of that work by naming Christina as Ambassador of the Month for April, 2016. WOW supports you, Christina!  Many blessings as you continue on your journey of love, healing and sharing your energy with the world!”

Carol-Chantal Seguin – WOW- World of Women Founder

Christina Hearns
Christina was the WOW – Ottawa Special Events Coordinator. As the Special Events Coordinator, Christina maximized event participation by identifying new relationships and enhancing existing relationships!

She is also the founder of Namaste My Friends, a platform dedicated to helping people find balance in their personal and professional lives via yoga, mediation, and hands-on workshops. Christina is also experienced in reiki, chakra reading and crystals.

Visit her Facebook page today:


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