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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

IMG_3701Stephanie Karlovits – Ottawa
Stephanie is Ottawa’s health and fitness GPS.  She leads clients in the right psychological, fitness and nutritional direction in order for them to feel their most optimal.  Stephanie has been a fitness and wellness coach for the past 12 years.  She founded and owns Ottawa’s only functional training facility, EPIC Fitness, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and certified Yin Yoga Instructor. She is passionate about the EPIC lifestyle which incorporates specific bio-chemical changes, psychological evaluation and functional training principles that assists individuals live their potential.  She is heavily involved in charitable initiatives and is also in love with all things #ottawa. Two things you may not know: she successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year and has been on a hockey based reality show for the past 4 years!


marwa_webMarwa Khallaf, MBA –  Ottawa
The Cardinal Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services team is led by Marwa Khallaf, MBA. Prior to founding Cardinal, Marwa worked in the financial sector for 10 years, as a financial analyst and accountant. She brings a broad range of experience, both internationally and in Canada, and her practical, down-to-earth approach to accounting services, reporting, bookkeeping, and personal and corporate tax preparation has helped all of her clients. She has worked with multiple sectors such as construction, events, non-profits/charities, marketing, import/export businesses, IT services, and insurance, among others. She is active in the community and volunteers on the finance and planning committees of local non-profits


Karin Kincaid - OTT

Karin Kincaid – Ottawa
I’m a WOW Ambassador and I am tickled “orange” to be a part of this wonderfulness again! I have met so many amazing women who have become good friends. I have learned from other business owners and have been able to receive great feedback, recommendations and ideas. Thank you WOW!

I personally own two studio franchises called Orangetheory Fitness located in both South Keys and Kanata/Stittsville. I brought the company here to Ottawa after being a member of the boutique fitness studio for years previous in Edmonton. My background is in trail running and road cycling and I was amazed how Orangetheory helped improve my run pace and ability to bound up hills thanks to the strength work and hills/interval training.

Orangetheory is a 1-hour total body fitness with a Coach to guide, support and individualize the workout to meet your needs. It uses the science of EPOC to take your fit results to new heights in an amazing energetic group fitness concept while integrating 5-zone heart-rate monitor technology to challenge you in a motivating way. Try a FREE workout!




Lil Krstic

Ljiljana Krstic – Ottawa
Lil has been helping people simplify their life in the kitchen for over 11 years.  A Director with the Pampered Chef, she helps people save time and money by teaching delicious, easy, and quick to prepare recipes with some fabulous kitchen tools.  Her mission is to help families everywhere press pause on life and gather together to eat, talk, and connect.  She has a fun and stress-free approach to cooking that anyone, at any age, can enjoy.

Lil will come to your home and show you and your friends how to make a delicious recipe or two with her fabulous tools at a cooking class.  You’ll be amazed at how using the right tools will speed up your meal preparation! Getting healthy meals (and decadent treats!) on the table can be much quicker and easier than you think!

linkedinfacebookinstagram http://www.pamperedchef.biz/lilkrstic