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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Charlotte_Habegger_Quebec  Charlotte Habegger – Quebec

FRANÇAIS Globetrotter et maman éducatrice de 3 enfants à qui elle fait l’école-maison, elle aime connecter les gens aux ressources pour réaliser leurs projets de vie. Conseillère Indépendante avec Épicure et Leader Senior d’une organisation de plus 100 Conseillères, Coordinatrice du réseau international Heart Link à Québec, elle se se spécialise en alimentation saine et réseautage authentique. ENGLISH World traveller and homeschooling mom of three, she loves helping people connect to the resources to bring their projects to life. Independent Consultant with Epicure and Senior Leader of an organisation of more than 100 Consultants, Leader for the Québec chapter of the international Heart Link Network, she specializes in clean eating and heart-centered networking.

tara-hagan-fields-ottawa-2016Tara Hagan-Fields – Ottawa
Tara is a Registered Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist, Women’s Health Specialist and Owner at Fascial Connections Myofascial Release and Wellness Centre. Branching from traditional Massage Therapy she has specialized in Myofascial Release and Fascial restrictions and is now an expert level therapist under the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach. Having additional training in chronic pelvic pain, visceral manipulation, breast care, cancer care, pregnancy – pre/post partum care, Tara focuses her practice in Women’s Health.
Fascial Connections Myofascial Release & Wellness Centre offers specialized practitioners in Nutrition, Cancer Coaching and Integral Coaching.  Our goal is to treat the total woman transitioning in any stage of her life.

facebookWebsite    http://www.fascialconnections.ca/

Karine Halpenny - OTT

Karine Halpenny – Ottawa
Karine learned to make chain maille jewellery in 2013 and quickly discovered that it was her passion. She is now the owner, designer and creator for Float or Fly, where chain maille gets a fun, modern, and colourful twist. Her pieces are perfect for the woman who wants to show off her individual style by wearing pieces that are handmade with love and care. Karine finds inspiration for new pieces from everything around her, especially nature and the ourdoors.


Cherie Hamam - MTL
Chérine Haman D.O. – Montreal

Ostéopathe, Approche globale

Prévention, soulagement et traitement

Depuis toujours intéressée par les soins de santé holistiques, Chérine s’est tournée vers l’ostéopathie, après plusieurs années dans les communications/marketing. L’ostéopathie est une thérapie manuelle qui permet de rééquilibrer le corps, en ciblant la cause des douleurs et des symptômes. Elle s’adresse autant aux adultes qu’aux enfants, aux bébés, aux femmes enceintes, aux personnes âgées.

Cette thérapie peut vous aider dans les cas de : Fatigue générale/ Insomnie
Douleurs articulaires, musculaires, viscérales, Troubles digestifs et/ ou hormonaux
Migraines, céphalées, Accompagnement lors de la grossesse
Traitement nourrissons (régurgitation, torticolis congénital. Enfants (suivi orthodontique, TDAH, poussées de croissance)

A l’écoute de ses clients, Chérine vous accueillera avec professionnalisme et empathie.



Denise HamelDenise Hamel –  Ottawa
The World Needs You & You Matter. Denise Hamel is the founder & CCO of Renovate Your Life.
Which is more than lipstick, new shoes and a fancy hair do. It’s a community where we take an honest look at life and how you really want it to look, feel and be. In all areas. Providing guidance and the tools to help support you to live the life you desire and deserve. Through life experiences and eagerness to learn she’s helped many over the years to live the life they desire. Sharing and caring is at the heart of Renovate Your Life and the compassion with understanding that you are not alone. You matter and the world needs you.



tanya-hammond-kingstonTanya Hammond – Kingston
An Insurance Broker with Eastern Ontario Financial Services in Kingston, Ontario serving those who care! People who buy life insurance, RESP’s, and Insurance backed investments care about protecting their loved one’s future. Even employers seeking group benefit plans care about their employees. Tanya providse no obligation consultations with a flexible schedule to meet the needs of her clients especially those in the rural areas including Kingston, Sydenham, Brockville, Prescott, Gananoque, Athens, Lansdowne, Smiths Falls, Lyndhurst & Seeley’s Bay. Don’t leave your planning until it’s too late! Specialized in those difficult to insure. CAFA (Canadian Association Farm Advisors) – Insurance/Investment Broker  – Eastern Ontario Financial Services http://www.eofs.ca
“Don’t leave your planning until it’s too late!”
Life Ins., Disability Ins., Long Term Care Ins., Group Ins., Mortgage Ins., Estate Planning, RRSP’s, RESP’s, Payout Annuities, TFSA, GIC, Segregated Funds.


Kim Hannah – OttawaKim pic
Kim’s mission & passion in life is to assist people, of all ages & levels of fitness, to pursue their fitness & wellness goals. She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and yoga professions.



Raelene Bergen HarderRaelene Bergen Harder – Montreal
Trained in Strategic Intervention, a coaching program developed by world renowned Tony Robbins, Raelene works with clients to strengthen personal and professional relationships. How you relate to yourself and others is the cornerstone of lasting change, deep relationships and true fulfillment. Raelene is mom to 5, owns Resonate Consulting, Eden Cheesecake Co., Wellness-Team and Satellite Studios. She is an author and crossroads coach, dedicated to helping others navigate difficult relationships with integrity and compassion.

Motto: “I’ve been married 23 years and raised 5 teenagers. No challenge is too difficult”.







Debbie Hartzman – Kingston

Financial Planning for Life Transitions – PURPOSE DRIVEN ADVISOR

“Wise Women & Wealth™”, is a trademarked program developed by Debbie to engage women to become more confident when planning their financial futures. She creates a fun and educational environment where business women can discuss the issues they are experiencing on a day to day basis asking the question “What keeps you up at night?”.

Her 30+ years’ experience as a wife, mother, grandmother and entrepreneur has taught her many lessons that she loves to share. You will learn information to make you confident in all your financial decisions. The fact that Debbie has based her financial planning practice in a small center has not stopped her from being recognized across Canada for her unique practice. If you are a woman entrepreneur looking to leverage of another woman’s experience then you should learn more about “ Wise Women & Wealth™” it will be an investment you will not regret!

http://hartzmanassociates.ca/         dhartzman@pro-invest.ca




Jen Hastings

Jen Hastings – Ottawa
Jen started her entrepreneurial journey 6 years ago when she decided to open a salon, spa and boutique in Richmond. She strives to offer a wide range of services and unique events such as Mom and Me Yoga, Healing Circles, Reiki to name a few. Jen is also a proud supporter of local community events. Jen joined forces in April 2015 launching Angel Apparel where they profit share with charities through fundraising events selling their custom and core apparel. Hair Donation Ottawa, Interval House, Army Run Charities have been a few recipients to date with a combined donation of over $5000. Jen is a proud volunteer/executive member for Hair Donation Ottawa as Lead Scheduler for the main event in April each year.


Jenn HaywardJenn Hayward – Ottawa

Stand Up Comedian, Speaker and Author.

Jenn can entertain your crowd with humour or poignant discussions on mental health and gender issues.  She is a leader, and MC and has her own line of T-Shirts and Greeting Cards called Bee Blunt.

http://www.thejennhaywardshow.com    http://www.thehumourgroup.com

Tara HeinbuchTara Heinbuch – Ottawa Ambassador of the Year 2017
The sky is the limit with Tara’s Stelllaa Licious Soap. Her homemade beer, wine and goat’s milk delights will make you soft, silky, nourished and smell scrumptious. Acne not a problem, try Stelllaa’s activated charcoal! Rock your child’s scenes at their next birthday party with delectable smelling cupcake soap to take home! How about a distinctive personalized wedding give away? Picture it, your own uniquely designed soap,customized with your bridal colors, endless shapes and sizes and design options available! Now that is original! Stelllaa Licious Soap contains NO harmful fillers and NO talc like commercial bought soaps. I only use natural ingredients like coconut, rice bran, palm, avocado,jojoba, neem oils & moisturizing shea & mango butter & essential oils.



Donna Henhoeffer

Donna Henhoeffer – Ottawa
Donna’s career in the hospitality industry had her making things better for everyone else for over 25 years. Finally listening to her inner self (or mini-Dee), Donna found the way to nourish her body, mind, soul and spirit and live HER life. Releasing old karma, ending toxic relationships with love, losing excess weight by eating real food and allowing forgiveness to unlock her pain, Donna learned to truly love herself and let her light shine.Through her healing, Donna knows the importance of slow purposeful action. She is honoured to bring the message and joy of energy to others as it helped her. Donna’s life purpose is to empower others to heal themselves in the same way she has done. Donna’s raw energy and exuberance is evident in her laughter and you can see the sparkle in her eyes when she is truly in her element as a SELF Being!



Shar Henhoeffer

Shar Henhoeffer – Ottawa
After over 25 years of searching far and wide for her true self in the corporate world of management consulting, Sharon is finally living her life’s purpose. She found her inner voice and is of service to others through living her life based on the principles of unity consciousness and joy. Sharon is sensitive, empathetic, introverted and creative. She is an agent of transformation and believes in a better world of less duality and more balance. As a single mother, she teaches her daughter the value of being true to her inner voice and that her voice makes a difference in the world, no matter how loud or soft it is – as long as it is authentic. Sharon is a natural entrepreneur. She is deeply interested in holistic health and natural wellbeing through nourishing body, mind, soul and spirit. She is proud to be living the life of her dreams.



Chantal Hric - PRChantal Hric – Prescott Russell

Chantal has been in several MLS/direct sales businesses on and off for years. Lately, she has joined a new local leggings company called Adora Style but this company has a short lived life: it is closing up. But, Chantal has put her mind into selling leggings, so she’s rolling her sleeves up and looking for another leggings company (June 2017).

Being on the plus size herself, she is looking high and low for a company that has leggings that fits customers well. As for Adora Style, she still has some stock on hand and offering them at a good price too!Meanwhile, while starting up with Adora Style, she had  invested in good quality bags to carry her stock of leggings. She found the company Thirty One Gifts and she decided to join that company also.So, she is setting sail to sell good quality bags – really worth looking into the website monthly to snatch up good products at good prices – and also wearing/selling leggings at the same time.

Her goal is to sell via flea markets or events, open houses, and any ways technology now facilitates sales – once she gets the hang of technology!



Sylvie Huard Montgrain - PR

Sylvie Huard Montgrain – Prescott – Russell
Sylvie worked with the Ontario Public Service (OPS) for 12 years and retired on November 30, 2016. Prior to the OPS, she was in the military for 16 years.

Sylvie and her husband Louis have two wonderful children, one grandson and one granddaughter.  Before she had her children, Sylvie loved drawing and painting.  She reconnected with the art in 2011 by taking courses in a special method called Spiritpainting©, a technique developed by her teacher Jennifer Lightwolf Jones.  She is now a Certified Practitioner & Instructor of Spiritpainting.

Let Sylvie guide you as you discover your soul message through painting.




lori-hurrell-ottawa-2016Lori Hurrell – Ottawa
Lori is passionate about helping people. Through her business, Fitness Journey she helps women who are intimidated by the fitness industry achieve their fitness and health goals.  Lori is certified as a Personal Trainer and a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach.

She loves to inspire, educate and encourage women to embark on “the journey worth taking”. She is passionate about the client/trainer relationship and relating in an authentic and caring way with her clients.

Lori believes in a mind-body-spirit, holistic approach to fitness and wellness. She believes that it is important for women to accept where they are now, but with the mindset, that with consistency, determination, grace and compassion they can achieve their goals and more.



Moira Hutchison

Moira Hutchison – Ottawa
Moira  is a Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader, Energy Healer, Author and Speaker whose focus is helping people shift from a feeling of being stuck or adrift in life to feeling motivated and in charge. It is her passion to show people that THEY are the solution they have been looking for all along. When people feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck, especially in the Western world, we are conditioned to search for the silver bullet, the quick fix so that we can opt out of our painful life… when it doesn’t work people get depressed, frustrated and angry. Moira has been in a position where she had absolutely no power over her own life because she bought into an “external” solution – truth is there is no such thing and her mission is to help people get the answers they need from within. Her journey from self-loathing to unconditionally loving herself has been an incredible inspiration. It’s this journey that inspired her mission to help people get unstuck and achieve the absolute best that they possibly can in mind-body and soul. She works with professionals and entrepreneurs who are feeling/thinking that there should be more to their lives that they are currently experiencing.


youtube round logopinteresthttp://www.WellnessWithMoira.com

Liz HymanLiz Hyman – Ottawa
Liz is the owner/operator of Palm Beach Mega Tan Orleans. Palm Beach specializes in sunless and UVA/UVB tanning products. Liz is also passionate about direct selling and is currently with Younique 3dfiber Eyelashes as well as The Makeup Eraser .