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Ambassadors are listed in alphabetical order.

Nicole GagliardiNicole Gagliardi – Montreal (West Island)
Wellness matters in every aspect of our lives.  Nicole helps her customers and her team achieve total wellness in four main areas:
– physical : living a longer, more vibrant life
– environmental : keeping the planet safe for future generations
– financial : getting out of debt or saving for retirement and
– personal life : work/life balance (especially tough for moms!!)

Whether her customers want to shop for healthier products and save a little money, or shop and earn some extra income, she helps them achieve their goals.

heather-avatar (1)Heather Garrod – Ottawa
Heather has been creating natural bodycare for almost two decades. Essential oils have always been at the heart of her blends, and are her passion. As a Certified Aromatherapist, Heather can design an aromatherapy protocol for various conditions. She also practices lymphatic drainage massage with essential oils, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. In addition, she is the current Chairperson for the Bank St. BIA and serves on various sub-committees.



Mireille GauthierMireille Gauthier – Rive Sud
Mireille Gauthier est une jeune entrepreneure passionnée qui souhaite faire une différence dans la vie des gens, tout en créant sa vie sur mesure. Ses passions : les relations humaines, la santé, la beauté, le mieux-être et l’activité physique. Depuis qu’elle est toute petite, elle est convaincue que la vie a beaucoup plus à offrir que ce que le système nous enseigne, qui doit obligatoirement exister autre chose.

Déterminée, persévérante et en ayant continuellement en tête qu’il faut faire les choses différemment pour obtenir des résultats différents, elle est tombée en amour avec les valeurs d’une entreprise de beauté, santé et mieux-être. Elle a trouvé le véhicule qui lui permet une liberté de temps, une liberté financière, de la reconnaissance et une façon de devenir la meilleure façon d’elle-même.


Hazel GazzettoHazel Gazzetto – Ottawa
Hazel is the owner of Salt Wave Spa, along with her husband Nicola they opened the first salt therapy clinic in Ottawa. Salt Wave is a humidity-controlled room with salt rock crystals covering the floor. A fine dry salt mist is pumped into the dimly lit room by a wall-mounted generator. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is credited with recommending salt inhalation as a respiratory treatment. For centuries, dry salt therapy has been a holistic way to cleanse and detoxify lungs and skin. For people with respiratory problems, salt has antimicrobial properties that when breathed into the lungs, helps with inflammation and kills bacteria. Hazel and Nicola invite everyone to try this amazing therapy. Salt Wave the healing Spa.


CarmenCarmen Gélinas, MBA, PC – Ottawa
Carmen is a bilingual Belief Systems Coach & Holistic Healer, co-founder of Let’s Talk… Coaching & Energy Healing. She’s been doing emotional and physical healing since 2009. She also is ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner. ThetaHealing® has increased her clients’ success immensely. They found more clarity, released stresses, anxieties, fears and are living healthier. She’s helping individuals heal past emotional/physical traumas, beliefs, and mental hardships to improve their life. Through intuitive readings and coaching inquiries, she guides her clients clear their blockages and release them through ThetaHealing®. Her goal is to continue educating the public on this modality and heighten her audience’s self-awareness and spiritual connection.




http://www.parlonscoach.com  |  http://www.LetsTalkCoach.com

Lisa GertsmanLisa Gertsman – Montreal
Précision Marketing is a marketing services agency based in Montréal, Québec, proud to be serving clients worldwide for 11 years. Lisa Gertsman, and her team offer proven expertise in outsourced marketing management, lead generation, web development, content creation, digital, social media and event management. As an exclusive reseller for Duo Image Carrier, we offer visual and large format display products. We work with clients on demand, on a project basis so we’re always available to help whenever and however you need assistance. To learn more, visit our web site: http://www.precisionmarketing.org





Anna Giannone

Anna Giannone – Montreal
Anna Giannone’s mission is to lead a Co-parenting movement that will heal broken families and shift hurtful communication with your ex-spouse to respectful conversations for the sake of the children. Anna is
 a Transformational Leader, Certified Facilitator, Certified Parent Instructor and Paradigm Shifter for Co-parenting.  





Sheri Godfrey – Kingston Sheri Godfrey - KING





Carol-Anne Grenier

Carol-Anne Grenier – Ottawa

I am an Artist first, everything else I do is informed by that lens. I am an activist for social change and have created greeting cards & that half of the cost of the card goes towards programming for youth. I support organizations like HopeWell, Motherlove, and Operation Come Home through their Repurpose Storefront where a portion of all my sales goes toward youth at risk programming. I teach seniors, kids, persons with disabilities and others how to add a little color to their lives through Art Journaling activities, Scrapbooking or card making so they can build memories or maintain those memories and fun. I am also a Sociologist and Women Studies major and have worked in many areas restorative justice, corrections, records management, management, union activist and held many positions project officer, president, chair, independent consultant and entrepreneur.

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Kamissa Guindo - MTL
Kamissa Guindo – Montreal

Kamissa is a style and success coach for female entrepreneurs, coaches, creative executives and future CEOs to take a confident step forward. She helps women claim their power and shine their light by guiding them to discover and embrace their own unique style and success.

She is also the owner of DivaGirl Montreal, a lifestyle community of ambitious, results driven and community-centric women. DivaGirl offers women events, seminars, conferences, webinars and masterminds to enrich their lifestyle and business for success. The lifestyle community promotes and supports six (6) lifestyle pillars, encouraging women to lead, have fun & feel sexy.

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Helena-Guzman - OTT

Helena Guzmán – Ottawa

Helena is a Community Wellness Educator, Certified Healthy Eating Specialist and Arbonne Independent Consultant. Helena is very active in business networking and collaborates with women (and men) in the business, creative arts, marketing, wellness and entrepreneur communities. She works now on the Design Your Plate Project to help others adopt healthier lifestyles, like she was able to.

In her spare time, Helena enjoys spicy, healthy & exotic foods, salsa dancing, yoga, nature walking, watching movies, and playing with her twin fur babies, Pepe & Paco.

About Design Your Plate
If you are committed to making a change, Helena will work with you to develop a strategic action plan in order to: flexible & quick meal plans into your daily schedule • plus incorporate and maintain healthier lifestyle habits in the process!

Want to learn more about how to Design Your Own Plate? » Let’s chat about how to create your ACTION PLAN for success!

Designing Creative & Healthy Solutions
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